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School Priorities

Overview of Priorities




  • To ensure that outcomes at end of foundation stage are in line with Cambs / National average - ( 71%) – Target set October 2018 - 71%

  • To continue to improve teaching of phonics in yr. 1, to ensure that outcomes from phonics screening target is closer to Cambs average – (81 %) – Target set October - 75%

  • Year 2 and Year 6 targets: Year 6: Maths 83%, Reading 73%, Writing 60%, Combined 68%.  Year 2: Maths 78%, Reading 73%, Writing 66%, Combined 62%

  • To ensure that summative assessments are used effectively to raise the attainment of identified groups – PP and Higher attaining

  • To accelerate the progress of current year 5, to ensure “year 6 ready” (spring/summer)

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • To introduce book based learning to early years and KS1 – ensuring curriculum coverage, whilst focusing on key skills of speaking and listening, and early literacy

  • To continue to develop writing: through the use of comparative judgement to set targets for improvement; curriculum extension to ensure pupils have opportunities to write; full implementation of handwriting and presentation policy

  • To ensure curriculum coverage in key stage 2 – through teaching subjects explicitly to develop deeper understanding and mastery

  • To review and extend understanding of MNP and story time phonics to support teachers new to the school

Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare

  • To introduce revised behaviour policy to all stakeholders and to monitor implementation

  • Improve the attendance of identified pupils through a series of measures developed through research (Fenland and east Cambs evidence based funding)

Leadership and Management

  • Introduce reviewed teaching staffing structure, which supports developing the role of assistant heads to support identified phase, and the role of curriculum leaders to develop foundation subjects in and across phases