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School Priorities

Overview of Priorities




  • To increase the % of pupils achieving expected on the year 1 Phonics screening check   (target 75%?)
  • To  accelerate the progress of identified  pupils in Year 1  who did not achieve   GLD  - thus closing the gap
  • To monitor and accelerate the progress of pupils entitled to PP  throughout the school, with particular  focus Year 3 moving into KS2
  • To improve outcomes for Year 5  (challenging year group)


Teaching, Learning and Assessment 

  • To improve the quality of phonics teaching in Early Years and Key stage 1
  • To ensure  all teaching and learning Early Years + Key stage 1 is good/outstanding
  • To ensure that PPA is used effectively  to improve the quality  of teaching and learning
  • To  ensure that the implementation of Maths No Problem throughout  the school improves the quality of teaching  and learning  
  • To ensure that assessment procedures  support the school in monitoring  progress + identify  vulnerable groups


Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare

  • To establish a nurture class that meets the needs of pupils with social and emotional  need that impact on their’s and others’ learning, which supports integration in to mainstream classes
  • To identify and meet the needs of young carers  within the school
  • To ensure that children and families  who are in the early stages of acquisition of English feel supported and valued


Leadership and Management

  • To support NQTs and RQTs
  • To support new team leaders in their role
  • To develop identified teachers – to ensure they are ready for leadership, to support succession planning
  • To ensure that the  additional role of  Specialist Early Years  teacher support accelerated progress in  Early Years and KS1


For further detailed information on these priorities, please see the document below.