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Message from the Chair of Governors


My name is Natasha Hardy and I have been a member of the Governing body for almost four years. 


Here at Westwood Primary School we strive to give our children the best possible start to life by creating a safe environment which provides them with the best opportunity to achieve their full potential.


We have a dedicated, enthusiastic and caring staff who are led by an excellent and committed Head.


As a Governing body we are here to support the staff, but also provide the challenge needed to ensure strong progress and attainment. We do this by carrying out regular visits into the classes and with talking to key members of staff.


We look forward to working with parents, carers and the community for the benefit of your children. If you have any questions for me then I can be contacted via the office.


Mrs Natasha Hardy

Chair of Governors


OFSTED governors


Our school governors work alongside the Senior Leadership Team to set the strategic direction of the school. The school governors work through two sub committees: Standards and Resources.


Governors are volunteers and we are always looking for individuals with an enthusiasm for education.


If you would like to know more about the role of the governing body, please contact the Clerk to the Governors through the school office. 



Governor Profiles


Mrs Natasha Hardy

Chair of Governors

Term of Office: 16/12/17 - 15/12/21

Governor Type: Parent Governor

Governor Lead: Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

I joined Westwood’s governing body over 3 years ago because I value education and wanted to be more involved with the school. 


My background is working in Health and Social Care where I have worked with a variety of client groups in various settings, so being on the governing body has been a learning experience for me.  I am Chair of Governors and sit on the Resources and Standards committees.  I have a particular interest in early years and the assessment without levels agenda.


Miss Diane Crabb

Vice Chair of Governors

Term of Office: 1/9/15 - 31/8/19

Governor Type: Co-opted Governor

I joined the Governing Body at the former Westwood Junior School as a Parent Governor in 2004.  I subsequently became a Local Authority representative and am now a Co-opted Governor.


Many years ago I was a Westwood pupil myself so I have a long standing interest in the school.  As a parent I wanted to get actively involved in my daughter’s education.  Becoming a governor enabled me to do this in a broader, more effective way by contributing to the school’s aims and strategies for the education and development of all pupils.


I am employed by Cambridgeshire County Council as an Auditor.  My professional skills help me to support the school in a variety of ways but especially in finance.  One of my roles is to ensure that the school’s budget is spent appropriately and in a manner that enhances pupils’ learning.


My other interests include dancing, amateur dramatics and music.  I also enjoy supporting the “Posh” when I have time.  I recently started playing the clarinet again (after a 40 year gap!) and have joined the local community orchestra.  I attend St Peter’s Church, March where I am a Junior Church leader and a member of the Parochial Church Council.


Westwood Primary School is a thriving, happy school with a caring and hardworking team of staff and governors that I am proud to be a part of.


Mrs Gill Thomas


Term of Office: 11/9/08 - 

Governor Type: Headteacher

I have served on the Governing Body since joining the school as Headteacher in September 2008.  Prior to this, I was the Headteacher of a local primary school for 8 years.  As Headteacher I sit on all committees and work with my fellow governors to set the strategic direction of the school.  I am responsible and accountable for the day to day management of the school and I am ably supported by a dedicated team of teacher and support staff.  I am very proud to be Headteacher of Westwood Primary school.  I truly believe that your school should be at the heart of the community and at Westwood we strive to achieve that aim.


Away from school, I am mother to two daughters.  My eldest joined the teaching profession this year, and as I tell her often teaching remains “the best job in the world”.



Mr Martin Field

Term of Office: 15/10/14 - 14/10/18

Chair of Standards Committee

Governor Type: Co-opted Governor

Governor Lead: Child Protection

I have been a governor at Westwood since the early 1990s and was Chair for many years. I am currently Chair of the Standards Committee which manages making sure we deliver the best possible curriculum to our students.  I also have responsibility for Child Protection, an area which  the governors of Westwood take very seriously.  


My own two sons went to Westwood and it was great to see them grow and thrive here and gain an excellent foundation for their future education.


I am very happy to help Westwood deliver an ever improving service to all our pupils and their families.



Mr Jamie Wilding

Term of Office: 01/09/15- 31/08/19

Governor Type: Co-opted Governor

Governor Lead: Teaching, Learning & Assessment

I am a 50 year father of 3 children who have all attended both Maple and Oak sites at Westwood Primary School.  I work in the local area for a multi national company as a Logistics Leader.  I have served on the school Governing body for the last 5 years and I hope I have helped to improve the school so that your children enjoy both attending and learning.


Mrs Julie Goakes

Business Manager

Term of Office: 01/9/15 - 31/08/19

Governor Type: Co-opted Governor

I began working for Westwood Junior School in January 1994 as a clerical assistant in the school office.  In 2000 I was promoted to Office Manager and am now the School Business Manager, where my role involves the management of the business and admin aspects of the school.  I was an active member of the Parent Teacher Association for a number of years during the time my two children attended Westwood. 


I became the Support Staff Governor in 2000 and remained in this role until 2005 when the constitution changed and I became a Co-opted Governor.  I have seen many changes in the school during the last twenty four years and the expansion to Westwood Primary School has been a challenge for all involved, but a rewarding one for staff and pupils alike.  Being part of the day-to-day running of the school I feel able to inform the governing body on another level and help them to understand the business side of the school.


I feel very proud to be a member of Westwood Primary School and of what we have achieved and look forward to the next stage in our journey.


Mr Steve Abey

Deputy Headteacher

Term of Office: 01/03/15 - 28/02/19

Governor Type: Staff Governor

I am deputy head of Westwood Primary and have worked here for 10 years.  I truly believe that every child has the right to a top class education, set in a nurturing and supportive environment so that they can thrive and reach their potential.  My role as deputy has various hats, from monitoring and evaluating teaching and learning, providing support that develops teacher’s practice, to supporting positive behaviour within the school.  As staff governor, I work hard to ensure that governors are fully informed of the excellent work that teachers do to ensure that great learning takes place.


Away from school, my wife has worked in nursery education for over 12 years.  I have three daughters, two in primary school and one who is in secondary school.


Mrs Sara Barker

Teaching Assistant

Term of Office: 01/09/15 - 31/08/19

Governor Type: Co-opted Governor

Governor Lead: Teaching, Learning & Assessment

I am co-opted governor and a teaching assistant at Westwood Primary School.  I was previously a governor at Maple Grove Infant School  and  hope bring some experience of early years and key stage 1 to the new Westwood Primary School.  I feel very strongly that primary education is an extremely important part of a child’s education and its our duty to create a love of learning and to give every child a positive attitude to education.  My two daughters started their education here and they had a fantastic start and have continued to achieve their potential and I believe it all started here.


Miss Rebecca Amps

Term of Office: 01/09/15 - 31/08/19

Governor Type: Parent Governor

Governor Lead: Outcomes

I became a parent governor in September 2015.  I am a full time mum to two children who both attend this school.


I joined the governing body as I have a desire to ensure that all pupils at the school get the best possible education, not just academically, but also through the teaching of life skills to provide them with the best possible start in life.  I have attended various training courses to extend my knowledge to help me in my role as governor.




Mr Andrew Hammond

Term of Office: 19/11/15 - 18/11/19

Governor Type: Co-opted Governor

I am co-opted Governor, however my son also attends Westwood Primary School. I have also been on Maple Grove Community Groups Pre-school management committee for just over 2 and half years.  As well as this I can offer skills and experience gained from the construction industry this includes:- currently a senior building control officer which is a job role I have been in for almost 11 and half years.  This has involved training and regular assessment of buildings regards fire risk and means of escape including school extensions and siting of mobile buildings etc.  I am a full member of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers.  I have also had my own Architectural practice and management experience as a branch manager of a builder merchants.


I also attended Westwood school as a child and the Maple Grove site (as part of Hereward school) many years ago!


Mrs Tina Bidwell

Term of Office: 01/09/15 - 31/08/19

Governor Type: Co-opted Governor

Governor Lead: Leadership and Management

I have been part of Westwood Primary School’s governing body for two years now.  I am the Manager at Maple Grove Pre-School, the feeder pre school for Westwood Primary and most of you will have met me there!


It is fantastic to have excellent working relationships between the two settings and something collectively we work hard to achieve.

I am a Community Governor and like to support the school as a whole, feeling lucky that our children have such a good start to their education.  With such strong leadership, teachers and supporting staff I am confident the school will go from strength to strength and look forward to being part of it!


Mr Murray Graham

Term of Office: 10/03/17- 09/03/21

Governor Type: Parent Governor

Governor Lead: 

I have been a member of the Governing body since April 2017. I have 3 children, one of which still attends the school. I am the UK Capability Manager for a large multinational business and my key responsibilities are the development of front line managers and university post graduates


I wanted to support the staff, parents and pupils of Westwood School and get more involved in the way the school operates. The school delivers good results but I believe in continuous improvement and I feel that I have the skills and experience to contribute something worthwhile.



Mrs Lyn Tansley

Clerk to the Governing Body

You can contact the clerk to the governors, Mrs Tansley, through the school office or through email at






Standards Committee Resource Committee

Gill Thomas; Steve Abey; Natasha Hardy; Rebecca Amps; Martin Field;

 Jamie Wilding; Sara Barker; Tina Bidwell; Aleesha Lombardo


Gill Thomas; Steve Abey; Natasha Hardy;

 Diane Crabb; Julie Goakes;

Andrew Hammond; 

Jamie Wilding; Murray Graham


Governor Responsibilities



Mrs Natasha Hardy


Mrs Tina Bidwell

SEN Governor

Miss Rebecca Amps

Child Protection Governor

Mrs Aleesha Lombardo


Lead Governors



Mr Martin Field and Miss Rebecca Amps

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Miss Rebecca Amps and Mrs Natasha Hardy 


Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare

Mrs Natasha Hardy and Mrs Aleesha Lombardo

Leadership and Management

 Mrs Tina Bidwell and Mrs Aleesha Lombardo

Attendance At Governing Board Meetings


Governor 20/09/18 22/11/18 28/02/19 20/06/19      
Steve Abey Yes Yes          
Rebecca Amps Yes No          
Sara Barker Yes Yes          
Tina Bidwell Yes Yes          
Diane Crabb Yes Yes          
Martin Field Yes Yes          
Julie Goakes Yes No          
Murray Graham No No          
Andrew Hammond Yes Yes          
Natasha Hardy Yes Yes          
Aleesha Lombardo Yes Yes          
Michelle Thorn Yes N/A          
Gill Thomas Yes Yes          
Jamie Wilding Yes Yes          
Lyn Tansley (Clerk) Yes Yes          


Register of Pecuniary Interest