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Organisation of the curriculum


The new national curriculum came into being in September 2014.  The school's curriculum is available to view via the clicking the buttons below.  English and Maths are taught daily and we focus on basic skills including spelling, grammar and mental recall skills and times tables in Maths.


Science, History, Geography, Design Technology and Religious Education are taught in unit blocks, through topics.  See our topic curriculum button below for more information about when these are taught.  Computing, PSHE, Music, Art and French (KS2) are taught explicitly weekly and two hours of quality physical education is delivered weekly.


Religious Education is not part of the National Curriculum but is regarded as a main subject to be taught.  All Cambridgeshire schools follow the Local Authority syllabus for RE which aims to provide children with knowledge and understanding of the nature of religions, their beliefs and practices.  Parents retain the right to request withdrawal of their children from RE lessons and from assemblies which, under the 1988 Education Act, are required to be broadly Christian in character.

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More Able children at Westwood Primary School.


At Westwood Primary, all staff are committed to ensuring that all children are supported to fulfil their potential.  We recognise that children of all abilities, including More Able children , are entitled to stretch and challenge.  Below is a statement that explains this further.


Supporting Curriculum Documents